CK Worldwide TIG Torch Master Set

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The perfect torch set for Fabricators!

We bundled the most popular CK Worldwide air cooled torches into one clean kit which makes swapping storing torch heads a breeze! Each kit includes a complete set of torch heads designed to tackle some of the most challenging parts of welding, particularly in the automotive fabrication world. The brushed stainless steel stand features cutouts for easy storage of all the torch heads and caps when not in use and even has a kick stand for a clean display on your work bench. 

Each Torch Set Includes:

(1) CK Worldwide Flex-Loc 150 amp head

- Great for welding chassis, roll cages and hard to reach places

(1) CK Worldwide 9 Flex Head 

- Perfect for small work like headers and manifolds where space is tight

(1) CK Worldwide 17 Flex Head

- Best for general fab and higher amp welding

(1) CK Worldwide 9 Pencil Torch

- Best for header and manifold collectors where there is no space at all

(1) Handle for CK Worldwide 17 style torches

(1) Handle for CK Worldwide 9 style torches

(2) Shorty Back Caps (for 9 and 17 torches)

(2) Medium Back Caps (for 9 and 17 torches)

(1) Brushed Stainless Steel Stand 100% USA Made 

What does it fit? Does it fit my machine?

Air cooled TIG torches are pretty standard (almost universal). This set will fit any torch that is a 9 or 17 style head. If your torch uses either 9 or 17 style consumables, but is NOT a 26# air cooled torch, it will fit on your lead. Simply remove the handle and unscrew the head. This kit can NOT be used with water cooled setups. 

If your torch is a 26#, you will have to change the entire lead all the way up to the machine in order to run these torches. Typically, that is not a problem despite the amperage rating.  If you are not sure, just give us a call. We'll be happy to help.

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