Daisy TIG Welding Art Project

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Practice TIG art like Dabswellington!

TIG Welding Art Projects are a great way to learn how to weld while building something cool! Stainless steel TIG art projects challenge your skill and patience by exercising control and dexterity as well as heat control and patience. 

This 6x6x1/8 thick mirrored stainless TIG Welding Art piece is pre-etched with a clear design pattern that is easily seen during welding. Just peel the film and weld!


- 6" x 6" x 1/8" thick No. 8 Mirrored 304 Stainless Steel

- Sealed and shipped with film attached

- Recommended settings: 72-82 amps DC-

- Recommended Cup: Furick BBWSG-19 at 40CFH

- Recommended Filler Wire: ER308L 0.045" Diameter

- Recommended TIG Art Backer for heat control

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