CK Worldwide MT200-AC/DC TIG Welding System

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The SIMPLEST Machine to use

The LIGHTEST weight in its category

The MOST portable 

ZERO upgrades required!

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No generic description here! We LOVE the CK Worldwide MT200-AC/DC on so many levels. It delivers a very smooth arc in both AC and DC with all the power you need and it does it in the simplest way possible. There are no menus to shuffle through, no sequences to memorize, no programs to recall. It's also very compact and light weight which means it's perfect for mobile work.

What else makes it so great?

Only 6 knobs and 4 switches operate this machine

The MT200 is so easy to set. Just dial in where you want to run and start welding. There's no menus or hidden functions to learn - Plug it in - Set the dials - Weld!

No upgrades required! The MT200-AC/DC

 is ready to weld right out of the box!


200 Amps on AC and DC welds just about everything!
200 amps on 220v input
140 amps on 110v input

Out with the old and clunky "Captain Morgan" pedal and in with the

new "Sewing Machine" style pedal

Dual voltage input
Switching from 220v to 110v is a breeze with the supplied pigtail adapter. The machine automatically detects the input voltage when plugged in. 
A well written, easy to read, full color user manual
3 Year Warranty

What will it weld?

Steel, stainless steel, DOM tube, chromloy, titanium, aluminum, magnesium and MORE!

What's in the box?

- CK Worldwide MT200-AC/DC

- CK Worldwide 17 Flex head with Super-flex line and Dinse connector

- Heavy duty solid brass earth/ground clamp

- AK-3 consumable kit (includes tungsten)

- Upgraded "sewing machine" style pedal

- Brass single flow regulator/flow meter with gas hose

- 220v to 110v power adapter

-Full Color user manual (English)


We know this machine because we use it!

Buy from a trusted source!


*This machine ships from CK Worldwide via ground shipping at no charge (U.S. only). Please contact us for expedited or international shipping prior to placing your order.

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