Fronius Magicwave 230i

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Upgrade to CK Torch: No CK Worldwide torch
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Nothing in the world of welding can compare to the Fronius Magicwave. What makes it so special? Just use it and you'll know instantly!

The Fronius Magicwave 230i is one of the most advanced digital welding systems on the market. With a features list that rivals a Tesla car, the Fronius Magicwave 230i can handle virtually anything you throw under the arc, and it will always stay on top thanks to free firmware updates. 

With advanced welding parameters such as AC Current offset, independently controlled wave forms for AC TIG and DC Pulse TIG, TAC function, and cap shaping all standard in every machine, you'll always find a something that enhances productivity and user experience. 


Just give us a call. We know this machine because we use it!

Standard Features

  • 230 amp dual voltage AC/DC Digital TIG & Stick welding power source
  • Compact and light weight unit weighs less than 38 pounds
  • AC frequency from synergic (auto) to 250Hz
  • AC Balance Control from 20-50%
  • Integrated adjustable Spot timer
  • Adjustable 0-15s preflow
  • Adjustable 0-60s second post flow
  • 3 amps stable 
  • Scratch start and high frequency arc start
  • 6010 electrode compatible
  • 100V OCV
  • Customizable top menu
  • Lockout control keeps unwanted users out of your machine
  • 100% Duty Cycle at 165 amps, 35% at 230 amps
  • IP23 enclosure rating against water spray
  • Store up to 999 jobs
  • Favorites button recalls jobs in seconds
  • Gas flow button allows setting regulator without stepping on the pedal
  • Intuitive and ergonomic remote hand control torch with interchangeable torch head
  • 3 year warranty

MORE Standard Features

Bluetooth Connectivity

 The Fronius Magicwave can remotely connect several devices from the wireless foot pedal, to the Fronius Vizor Connect welding helmet, and even your smart phone via WeldConnect app! 

Advanced AC Waveforms

Need a high build bead profile with a fast freezing puddle? Use a hard rectangle positive wave with Triangle negative wave. Want a super fat and fluid bead profile with a smooth etching line? Use a Sinus positive wave with a Soft Rectangle negative wave. 

Advanced AC waveforms on the Magicwave offer you endless controls over your bead profile. Whether doing an edge buildup or blasting into some dirty cast aluminum, the Magicwave has you covered with 4 wave shapes that are independently switchable between positive and negative.  



AC Current Offset

Current offsetting (Asymmetric wave, AC Bias, Asynchronous wave) is a great feature that allows the amperage to be higher on one side of the wave vs the other. If you want a deeper penetrating weld on some heavy aluminum, apply more negative. If you want a high buildup on some thin metal, apply more positive. The Magicwave 230i offers up to 75% offset in either positive or negative.


TAC Function

 TAC function is the best function for tacking two pieces of metal together. This variable pulse control feature sets two weld pools in motion which cause them to jump together which means less chasing the pool from one side to the other trying to get them to grab. Just point and shoot!

Pulse Pro Package

10,000 pulses per second! Yes, really! The Fronius Magicwave 230i has the most advanced pulse system out of any machine we know of. With an available 10,000Hz in BOTH AC and DC mode, coupled with 100% control of background current and duty cycle, you're sure to get the results you need. 

Is that all? NO! The Pulse Pro package also includes independently adjustable wave shapes (DC only) on both peak and background current which means you'll be sure to nail the perfect signature weld every single time.   

Dual voltage input with incredible power output

 230 amps output on 220v Input

and (an unheard of) 

170 amps output on 110v input


Pre-Assembled and Tested (PAT)

Fronius' PAT treatment ensures that your Magicwave 230i purchase is completely ready to go as soon as you plug it in. A certified technician spends time with each machine just before it ships out to ensure everything is ready to go before it leaves the warehouse. Each machine also undergoes rigorous testing from the factory where the calibration technician signs the machine before it ships. This treatment of every machine ensures you have the very best that you can buy. 

Integrated USB Port

Never wonder if your machine is really at the top of its game! Fronius machines can be upgraded in minutes via USB connection found right on the front of the machine! Whether it is a free firmware update full of more features of functionality updates, or an additional package purchased from Fronius, the integrated USB port allows quick and easy updating of your Magiwave 230i. Who else offers that?

Optional Features

Modular "no cord connection" water cooler keeps it portable.

Not only does the water cooler keep your welding productivity maxed out, it completely integrates via 4 bolts to the power source which means no messy cords or extra outlets needed to power it up! It's also completely programmable with options including Constant On, Auto Mode (shuts off when temperature is below threshold), and Eco Mode (only on when actively welding). 

Wired or Wireless Bluetooth Pedal

Stop kicking your sewing machine pedal around. The Fronius foot pedal features an integrated foot hook which makes relocating your foot pedal a breeze! Just pick up your foot and set it down - the pedal is always ready. Each foot pedal is available in either corded or wireless via bluetooth connectivity.

CK Worldwide Torch

Hand controls not your thing?

No problem! Weld Metals Online offers an optional genuine CK Worldwide TIG torch upgrade with any welding package. Each TIG torch is hand-assembled here by our expert staff and is ready to go right out of the box! To keep your lead protected and lasting forever, we even throw in the woven nylon TIG torch cover for you!

What's Included?

Air Cooled Water Cooled 
  • Fronius Magicwave 230i power source
  • Pre-Assembled and Tested (PAT) at Fronius USA HQ 
  • Fronius 26ft hand control torch
  • Fronius cast brass ground clamp
  • Argon flow Meter
  • Fronius Consumables starter kit 
    • Fronius Magicwave 230i power source with integrated water cooler
    • Pre-Assembled and Tested (PAT) at Fronius USA HQ
    • Fronius 26ft hand control water cooled torch
    • Fronius cast brass ground clamp
    • Argon flow meter
    • Fronius Consumables starter kit
    • Fronius coolant 

    Optional upgrades will be included as purchased.

     This item ships via freight. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. If you have any questions previous to your purchase, please contact us. We'll be happy to help.


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