Primeweld TIG225X AC/DC TIG Welder

Size: 12.5 Foot Torch
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If you're looking for the best entry level TIG welding machine on the market - the Primeweld TIG 225X AC/DC is the machine you want. It has everything you're looking for in the box and it produces the most power out of any machine in it's category! 

No other machine in it's class offers what the

Primeweld TIG225X does!


225 amps on AC and DC - the highest in its class!
225 amps on 220v input
145 amps on 110v input

Genuine CK Worldwide 17 Flex Head torch with
Superflex lead and Dinse connector

No compromises here! Each Primeweld TIG 225X AC/DC includes a 12.5' genuine CK Worldwide 17 series Flex head with their signature red Superflex lead and Dinse connector. It's verified REAL CK Worldwide and not a cheap knock-off
or made up brand. 

Upgraded Pedal
No more clunky pedal! The upgraded "sewing machine" style pedal is standard with every Primeweld TIG 225
Dual voltage input
Switching from 220v to 110v is a breeze with the supplied pigtail adapter. The machine automatically detects the input voltage when plugged in. 

Adjustable pre-flow and post flow
0.1 to 3 second of pre flow is great for getting coverage on your part before the arc starts. It helps keep the arc stable and sensitive metals protected.

Zero to 15 seconds post flow is great for protecting exotic metals like Stainless and Titanium while they cool, but it can be turned down for metals like aluminum which are less sensitive. This saves money on constant argon cylinder swaps!

A full range adjustable pulser with up to 200 pulses per second on AC and DC

"Full range" means all 3 control features are adjustable and not locked out like some other machines. Control base current percentage (low pulse), Pulse frequency (pulses per second), and pulse duty cycle (how long it stays high amps)

A well written, easy to read, full color user manual

3 year warranty with 7 days per week customer service

What will it weld?

Steel, stainless steel, DOM tube, chromloy, titanium, aluminum and magnesium up to 1/4" (6mm) thick in a single pass (can do much thicker with proper multi-pass weld procedures)

What's in the box?

- Primeweld TIG225X AC/DC TIG Machine
- 12.5' Genuine CK Worldwide 17 Flex head with Superflex line and Dinse connector
- Heavy duty braided band earth/ground lead
- Updated "sewing machine style" pedal
- Stick/MMA stinger lead
- Consumables starter kit with tungsten
- Brass flowmeter and hose
- 2T/4T trigger switch for operating without the pedal
- Full color user manual (English)

We know this machine because we use it! Buy from a trusted source!

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