17 Series CK Worldwide Flex Head TIG Torch for AHP and Everlast

Lead Length: 12.5 Feet
CK Nylon Cover: Do NOT add CK Nylon Cover
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Looking for an upgrade TIG torch for your AHP or Everlast machine?

This is the one!

This genuine CK Worldwide TIG torch kit is 100% direct fit plug and play for AHP AlphaTIG 200x and 201xd model TIG machines as well as several Everlast units. 

It also fits several other popular welding machines such as Primeweld and CK Worldwide (simply remove the quick release connector).

Each torch is available in either 12.5 feet or 25 feet lead lengths (the length of the hose).

Not sure if this is the one you need? Contact us for specific machine applications. 

Torch Kit Includes

- CK Worldwide 17 series Flex Head TIG torch

- 12.5' or 25' SuperFlex power cable

- Plug & Play adapter for AHP and Everlast welding machines

- Available with optional discounted Genuine CK Worldwide Nylon Cover

It's FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to use right out of the box! 

Machine Guide


  • AlphaTIG 200X, AlphaTIG 201XD AlphaTIG 203Xi, Alpha-TIG 225Xi


  • PowerArc 210STL, PowerArc 280STH
  • Poweri-TIG 201, Poweri-TIG 200T
  • PowerTIG 185DV, PowerTIG 200DV, PowerTIG 210EXT, PowerTIG 250EX, PowerTIG255EXT, PowerTIG 315LX, PowerTIG 325EXT PowerTIG 350EXT
  • PowerMTS 211Si, PowerMTS 251Si, PowerMTS 400
  • LightningMTS 225, LightningMTS 275

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