9 Series CK Worldwide Flex Head TIG Torch for Fronius (air cooled)

Lead Length: 12.5 Feet
CK Nylon Cover: Do NOT add CK Nylon Cover
Sale price$200.00


Looking for a light weight and less bulky TIG torch for your
Fronius Magicwave or TransTIG?

This is it!

This genuine CK Worldwide TIG torch kit is 100% direct fit plug and play for Fronius Magicwave 230i air cooled units as well as Fronius TransTIG 170 & 210 models. The versatile and comfortable flex head combined with Ck Worldwide's Superflex cable makes it almost 2 pounds lighter than the OEM torch!

Each torch is available in either 12.5 feet or 25 feet lead lengths (the length of the hose).

Not sure if this is the one you need? Contact us for specific machine applications. 

Torch Kit Includes

- CK Worldwide 9 series Flex Head TIG torch

- 12.5' or 25' SuperFlex power cable

- Plug & Play adapter for Fronius air cooled welding machines

- Available with optional discounted Genuine CK Worldwide Nylon Cover

It's FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to use right out of the box! 

Machine Guide


  • Magicwave 230i Air cooled (can be used on a water cooled machine if water cooler is turned off)
  • TransTIG 170
  • Trans TIG 210

Note: Factory amphenol controls such as remote amperage adjustment and trigger will be disabled with this torch. You MUST use a foot pedal to operate the Magicwave 230i when using this torch. Depending on your current firmware update, some functions may not be available or accessed with the factory torch trigger such as the spot timer or lift arc. TransTIG models can be operated in lift arc mode with trigger activation disabled or with full functions when foot pedal is used. Please contact us if you have any questions about comparability and functionality. We'll be glad to help!

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