Bench Top Welding Plate

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Got a cheap table that warps? Want a clean surface to weld on without contaminating surfaces?

We have you covered!

Weld Metals Online Bench Top Welding Plates are cut from 1/4" (6mm) aluminum and serve as a clean flat surface to weld on. Each plate measures 20" x 15" (500 x 380mm) which is more than enough surface area to practice welding on or even build small parts!


- Heat dissipating aluminum eliminates hot spots on table surface

- Aluminum will not scratch finished parts like mirror polished stainless

- Creates smooth surface over any fixture table holes or slots

- Electrically conductive so you don't have to ground to it if you lay it flat on your metal table surface

- Plate Dimensions: 20" x 15" x 1/4" thick (500 x 380 x 6mm)

*NOTE* new plate finish may have scratches on the surface due to processing. ALL bench top welding plates are cut from a brand new clean metal sheet. 

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