Fire Fry™ Miniature Spud Shooter Kit

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The best gift for a Welder! 

The Fire Fry

The original Fire Fry™ weld-it-yourself spud shooter kit is one a fun kit to build and enjoy for people all over! Each kit contains everything you need to weld your very own Fire Fry™. The assembled and welded product can shoot french fry sized pieces of potato easily with a can of air duster. No need for flammable liquids, mechanical valves, complicated air chambers, or anything! Just stab your potato, aim, and fire!

Each kit includes:

- 304 Stainless Steel Barrel, end plates, and chamber

- 4 Pieces of 308l .035" wires

- 1 O-ring for your air duster straw


Note: This Product is NOT intended for use as a toy.

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